international travel adventures part 7 – delegates day

Just because I am getting a little mixed up, I thought it would be important to clarify that today is Thursday, November 4th and we’re 2 days into the JCI World Congress!

Today is Delegates Day! Every conference (apparently – I don’t actually believe JS who told me this haha), they hold Delegates day where we get to go out and have a little bit of fun with fellow chapters.

I headed to the conference centre to have a World Debating meeting before meeting up with everyone to head to Universal Studios (yes the venue for our day!).  More to this in the next post, but JCI Canada has entered English debating (on the global level) and we’ve never debated before!  I had planned a meeting with Eric Brideau (Most Outstanding Debater for French Speaking 2009), so the he could explain to the English team exactly what we had to do.  One of our debaters, Erik, no-showed on this meeting – and that stressed me out immensely.  You have to have 3 per team, including a Captain (which was me).  I told myself that I’d give Erik a talking to when I saw him later tonight.

Anyways, we had an amazing day at Universal. I had lunch with a few of the Aussies (Peter and Noel) and Matt and Joie from JCI USA.  Then I separated and met up with my JCI best friend, Marta, and two of the JCI Poland delegates – Lukas and Grzegorz. We went on ride after ride (and I hate rides!) and enjoyed the park.  Please note – I screamed my lungs off and held Lukasz or Marta’s hand on every ride. Universal Studios Japan was much smaller than I remember Disneyland to be – but absolutely so much fun.

I will sum up the day in pictures:

Getting ready for the 3D Spiderman ride!
JCI delegates super excited for the Spiderman ride ;)
Super wet after some water ride!
Hello Kitty in the Magical Starlight Parade!
Love love love to Universal Studios Japan!

I’m likely going to make a slideshow of all the photos/video from Universal Studios – as there is a ridiculous amount of great ones.  From Universal Studios, we waited for the bus (and it was really really! cold) to take us to Global Village Night.  This is the 2nd year for this event – and boy, it’s a ton of fun.  Every country comes together to show off their country (to some degree) and share nation information with the delegates.  Some people have games, prizes, others have candy, and snacks.  The night concludes with a DJ and the biggest dance party of the week.

Maybe here’s a good time to note how many outfit changes are required in a day – A LOT. Today there was only 2, but usually 3 to 4 (if you’re a girl that is!).  Please note that wet water rides at Universal Studios ensured that all Global Village night photos were less than attractive. :)

Too much fun – Patrick, Marta, Me, and Grzegorz
Global Village Night at ZEPP Osaka.

I was back to the hotel a little before 2am… why? Because tomorrow I am competing in the World Debating Championships for English speaking and I need to have my a-game on!

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