international travel adventures part 10 – gala

Well seeing as I didn’t get home until 6:30am, today got off to a slow start.  The good thing though?  We only had to be at the Presidential Gala today, which wasn’t until 8pm.  I spent the day lounging… I went to the baths in the hotel (yen – onsen or whatever you call it) and my gosh, fabulous.

Eventually I made it over to the conference centre to get on the bus to the gala. I met up with JCI New Zealand and we headed over together (I had already got JCI Australia to save me a seat so I didn’t have to get there super early!).

The gala was wonderful (the gala last year was a disaster so my hopes were up!)… everything was organized, food was great, and we had champagne!  It was the first time this week I saw real wine, so that kept me happy too!  The gala is the last night of the conference, so the perfect opportunity to connect with all the friends made, think about your learnings, and one last night of fun!

Appetizers at the Gala

The girls: Marta from Poland, Me, Feven from Sweden, Julia from Australia

The Canadian Debating Team Plus the MIA Debater Erik

Gala Night!

AND then we went to an after party… Sam & Dave’s in Shinsaibashi? Something like that… I got home very late. Very late. It was a fun night. :)

Breast Cancer Awareness in Osaka, Japan. <3

And that concludes another JCI World Congress. Stay tuned for an additional post on what I learned while on conference and a few interesting tidbits about Japan!

Thank you to all the delegates – without you, this conference wouldn’t have been the same. <3

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