Inhale, Exhale

It’s been a very long week and a bit. It feels like everything and nothing has happened all at the same time.

I move forward by writing. Writing gives me clarity.

One of the reasons I’m on this planet is education. I’m meant to teach — I know that. Usually that comes in the form of teaching in the classroom, mentoring youth, HR education — but sometimes it comes via my ramblings on this blog.

Over the last little while, I’ve let myself become devalued and destroyed by someone else’s actions. I felt controlled, punished and unimportant. I let myself slip into a downward slope of the blame game — “I did this. This is my fault.”

Soon enough the tears passed, I found an ounce of hope. Clarity came via the following:

You can’t control others’ acts,

but you can control your reaction to their acts,

and that is what counts most to YOU.

He made decisions that I didn’t understand. In retrospect, I’m not even sure I did anything wrong. I was me. Full on, highs and lows, talks a lot, take me or leave me… ME.

Where I’m at fault is that I let his behaviour get to me. That’s not his problem… it’s mine. {Insert whole load of self-reflection and big time learning}.

After a substantial amount of sleep, friend love and reflection, here’s what I know…

You deserve to be treated with dignity, value and respect. Yep, DESERVE. If that’s not being met, then you need to walk away and never look back.

Communication is key. It doesn’t matter if you have something good or bad to say — take the time you need… then say it, always.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

Build relationships on friendship and trust.

Vulnerability isn’t a weakness — it’s a strength.

And — everything happens for a reason.

Moving. Forward.


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