how many times have i said the blog is back?

so much has happened in a year wow…. where to even begin?

i was writing my goals for 2010 today, determining what i wanted and needed out of life this year.  it got me thinking about self-promotion, social media, and branding yourself.  where oh where had my blog ended up? i had no idea.  took me awhile to track it down, and lookie now I’M BACK!

reading my past entries from 2004/2005 made me laugh out loud (literally!) – how ridiculous i used to be! for whatever reason, i have now turned into a professional young lady, haha thank gosh!  i think there is reason to keep on with this blog – and not start a new one – as my past is still me, and made me what i am today. i revamped the site with a new template, added my twitter account (walkerjill) – new addiction from late last year, and hopefully will be more entertaining than ever before.

as soon as my goals for 2010 are now, i will share them. for now, they are a work in progress.

welcome back dearest blog. i’ve missed you.

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