Halloween Fun

Every so often you put your face out on the Internet…

And TELUS uses it as inspiration for… online… halloween… pumpkin… carving… or something to that like.

This afternoon, this was posted on TELUS’ Facebook fan page:

Hey Jillian Walker,

When it was mentioned that you were a pretty amazing fan, Danny the Installer whipped out a pair of wire clippers and a hex crimper and carved this pumpkin in your likeness. 

By the way, has anyone told you that you look stunning in orange?

… with the below photo:

Uh huh… no joke.

Instantly I was tagged in a Facebook post by my buddy Brett, with a “you’re famous.” I clicked on the notification and burst into a laughter.

Thank you Danny the Installer. You’re truly amazing.

You know what I love about marketing in this era? Just about anything goes. Well done TELUS! You made a whole pile of us laugh, used just the right amount of humour and targeted just the girl who looks shockingly beautiful in orange. ;)

5 stars.

Happy Halloween everyone. Stay out of trouble tomorrow night.

PS – The original headshot was taken in Calgary by Madi at Of Storms Photography



This afternoon a courier arrived at my condo — with a massive box. He asked if I needed help carrying it as it was 30 lbs… I looked at him strangely… I hadn’t ordered anything online lately… what could it be?

I opened the box to find this:

I was absolutely overwhelmed.
Danny the Installer… carved my face into a pumpkin. And it wasn’t a joke (!!!).

Seeing as I’m 28, I don’t trick or treat anymore. I also live in a locked down condo building, so I didn’t hang out candy. Around 11pm, I decided to light my pumpkin. I sat cross-legged on my floor staring at it for quite some time…

So funny, yet so bizarre.

Rather remarkable don’t you think?


  1. mauriceabarry November 4, 2012

    Pretty great–a lot better than my usual barfing pumpkin!

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