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Did you know?  …It’s officially Fall in Calgary, Alberta.  No no, the Weather Network hasn’t made it official, I have.  The weather has changed, there is a chill in the air, and the calm winter brings seems to be generating excitement in so many peoples lives.

Well as much as I’m excited and ready for Fall – I need one last dose of Summer.

On Wednesday, I am flying home.  Where is home?  I was blessed to grow up on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.  For those that don’t know, Salt Spring Island is a small island between Vancouver Mainland and Vancouver Island, with a population of approx. 10,000.  My relatives were one of the first settlers on the island back in the day – 1800’s I think.  If you’re ever on the island, visit a store called Mouat’s and check out our pictures on the wall! :)

I haven’t been this excited to go home in a really long time.  I generally try to make it home twice a year – once in the summer and once in December.  This year is different.  My sister got married in July, so although it was a trip home for a wonderful reason, by no means was it a holiday.  Going home over the Christmas season is extremely stressful; I’ve encountered everything from flight cancellations and lost bags to entertaining high-maintenance guests to a ridiculous amount of tears in the Vancouver airport.

This time? No drama.  There is next to nothing planned while I’m home and the weather looks good for flying. ;)

The 7 days I’m home will be filled with sunshine, ocean, and relaxation.

I feel like this time away will allow me to come back mentally prepared for Fall.  A lot of change – absolutely good change – will be coming my way.  I’d be silly not to be ready to handle it.

Wherever you are, enjoy the summer or fall that will start off your September.  For those in Canada – I wish you a fabulous long weekend!

As always, much love. ❤

PS – Christmas holidays fall on a Saturday/Sunday this year… be prepared for expensive flights and minimal time off work everyone. :)

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