Going Against the Grain

Sometimes when I’m hiding out from the world… {also known as laying in my bed on a Sunday afternoon with my iPhone on silent}… :)

I listen to John Hiatt – Have a Little Faith in Me on repeat.

Recently I was thinking about why I love this song so much… {…totally gave myself a complex.}

Is it as straightforward as wanting someone to have faith in me?

Or is it because I really want to be understood? I really want people to believe in why I do what I do?

I’m not sure.

For the majority of my life, I’ve felt alone.

I’ve felt like no one understands me.

A colleague recently said to me:

I understand feeling misunderstood.

It’s easy to feel that way when you’re challenging convention.


In my day to day, I often don’t feel like I’m ‘challenging convention.’ I feel like I’m doing what I need to do. This week I spoke with a few colleagues in the HR profession about our industry. We were talking about HR roles in organizations and I approached the conversation as my usual balls to the wall self. The conversation hit me smack in the face, continually reinforcing that I don’t fit in my profession.

HR isn’t progressive, proactive or entrepreneurial. And I want it to be. 

I often think, do I leave the profession — or do I change it?

In the past few years, I’ve begun to meet like-minded people. I’ve finally been able to identity with a community of people who relate to my want to challenge past history. To change the way we handle our day to day. To rethink what we work towards. To focus on on what matters. To do what you love. {By the way, I totally think the more you put yourself out there, the more people you find who are just like you.}

In the last 24 hours, I’ve had the opportunity to attend Startup Canada’s Grand Finale and TEDxSFU (via live stream). I learned from many notable change makers, but a few who hit my heart were Terry McBride, Natacha Beim and Mark Brand.

All three of them continually challenge the status quo. They’re all in completely different fields — but all headed in the same direction. They don’t see barriers or challenges as negatives, they see them as opportunities. They dream big. They achieve one goal and they create another. They push forward making their mark on the community and the lives that they touch.

Natacha said something to the effect of… “When you think differently, everyone questions it. Then you doubt yourself and think you’re wrong. You think to yourself — how can everyone else in the industry be wrong and I’m the right one?” {…story of my life}. For whatever reason you do this self-talk, but the fuel in you keeps you going. You know what’s not working and you know you have to change it. You listen to your voice, push forward… challenging the norm.

“Being remarkable requires the strength of character and courage to stand alone, to go against the tide of criticism, but the reward is greater than riches—it is the satisfaction that you have stood up to be counted, you have brought positive change to your own life, your profession, your world.”

Going against the grain is what will make the world a better place to live.

Embrace the people around you who are just doing their thing.

Have a little faith that one day — they just might change the world.

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