Best Health Magazine - October 2010


As of late, I have been going through a lot of “friend change.”  I’m truly trying to determine who I want in my life – and even more so, why are they in my life?  What is everyone bringing to the table? We should all be held accountable as respectful, supportive, honest and truly good friends.

Anyways, I was at the drug store the other day and spotted Best Health magazine.  On the cover, it had an article titled “Quiz – 5 Friend Types That Drag You Down.”  I thought… PERFECT, this could solve all my problems.  All I need to do is identify these friends and then I can ELIMINATE THEM.

So on Thursday night, I sit down to start on the magazine… I force myself to read the whole magazine cover to cover, instead of just rushing toward this quiz that could CHANGE MY LIFE. ;)

So I read and read and read…

Finally I think I’ve missed the article, so I check the page number… according to the table of contents, the quiz is on page 112.  I finally find the article… it’s titled “Girlfriend or Ghoulfriend?” (clever eh?)… I read the half page (see picture below)…

I turn the page… and what? …. WHAT? … there is a Cool Whip advertisement and it’s the back cover to the magazine. THE BACK COVER.  Now extremely confused, I checked the table of contents again and the last article of the magazine starts on page 128.


I’m missing articles titled “Bonding over Beauty,” “How to Help a Friend with Cancer,” and “Best Health Minute,” and “My Healthy Life.”  More importantly, I’m missing 90% of the “Girlfriend or Goulfriend?” article including the quiz that could CHANGE MY LIFE.

What ever happened to quality control?  Seriously, I’ve never felt so ripped off from a magazine.

How on earth would I overhaul my friend circle without the quiz??

So today I went to grab groceries and spotted the magazine again… and guess what?

The whole article is there! The whole magazine COMPLETE!

Seriously, I think the world is playing games with me.

Did I buy the complete magazine today? No.  I’m writing to Best Health magazine to advise of the situation and what a critical component this article was to my friend drama stress levels.

Deep breath.

In and out.


Obviously I should go talk to a Psychologist about my love for magazines and how they can completely control my life. :P


  1. Kat October 10, 2010

    Hi Jillian, so sorry about this! Send us an email and we’ll mail you a fresh copy of the magazine. -Kat Tancock, senior web editor, Best Health (my Google Alert found you :)

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