Getting Back on Track

SetbacksIt’s been months and months and months since my mind has felt clear. I’m not even sure I’m there yet, but I’m slowly starting to move forward. Life has been chaotic – most of it has landed on me, some of it I’ve created, none of it I want.

6 months has flown by and I feel like the year hasn’t started.

All I want to do is write. Almost every moment of every day I think about writing. I want to write about what I’ve learned and where I’m headed.

Writing helps me figure my shit out. In the past I’ve poured my heart into a blog post, pressed publish — and boom, moved forward.

For half a year, I’ve gone to sleep with a jam packed brain. Thinking about the past, thinking about the future, thinking about my day.

I’ve worried and worried some more. And for what?

PS – The first step is the hardest. Slowly but surely…

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