Full Steam Ahead

I have a huge amount of respect for ‘balls to the wall’ … yes, putting yourself out there, giving life all you’ve got.

The kind of people who are itching to make every day count. They ooze with this badass — I’m here world, you better be ready for me! People look into their lives and think — whoa. Yes they’re movin’ and shakin’ but they’re also bringing the world along for the ride.

I can name a whole pile of people the fit into this ‘type’ — off the top of my head a few are: Jenny Blake, Nicole Antoinette, Tara Hunt and Ron Tite.

Not everyone relates to ‘balls to the wall’ … I get that. Hell, we can’t all be the same! What saddens me is the amount of people I know who are  caught up in big fancy jobs with big fancy salaries, Abercrombie husbands with 2.2 children and a body that could only be created in Photoshop. They are continually frustrated that they haven’t achieved what they want.

Being caught up in anything for the moment — is fine. We’re all human. Ruling your life over these things…? Your time could be better spent.

Move on and move up. Set yourself up for success.

The goal is to be — happy. Simple as that.

Be grateful and humble. Give — and take. Care for your family. Spend time with friends.

Take care of your body. Take care of your mind. Sleep. Smile.

Do what’s right.

Focus on your strengths and find what makes you happy. Then grab the life by the reins and make it happen.

Not happy? Then change something.

Give your absolute best — to yourself and your life.

You 100% deserve it.

PS – Came across a great post this week via Sonia — the 20 best things that can happen to a person! Bang on.

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