Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to cross paths with some incredible, absolutely incredible, people, leaders and companies. It is my pleasure to share these gems with YOU. 

People bringing authenticity, vulnerability and heart talk to our Instagram scrolls, email inboxes and IRL events in our community:

Ally Maz • Instagram & Website

Anita Cheung • Instagram & Blog

Jacki Carr • Instagram & Blog

Mary Beth LaRue • Instagram & Blog

Ruthie Lindsey • Instagram & Her Story

Entrepreneurs, do good groups and companies creating waves in our community:

Because I am a Girl • Farmacie • Feelosophy • Free to Be Talks • Girl Up

Girlvana Yoga • Growing Chefs • Meet Blume • Oh Baby Nutrition

Pink Shirt Day • Raw Beauty Talks • Rock Your Bliss •  Ruben’s Shoes

The Juice Truck •  Varsity Initiative • We Day