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Gaping Void

Once upon a time there was an idiot who liked to sell. He called every week. He sent email after email – often multiple times a week. He added features to my plan without figuring out if they were helpful. He continually connected me to more people in his organization – introductions up the ying. Later I would find out that the people were additional Sales Representatives. More people who didn’t know how to sell – gah. He’d bundle additional products onto my plan, before finding out if I’m even keeping the plan. :| Day after day he continually showed that he had no idea how to sell and was making a desperate plea to save the relationship.

Here’s the thing… I don’t like being sold to. And does anyone? I’m not convinced.

I’m not an expert on sales or business development – not my comfort zone in the least. One thing I know for sure is a large part of selling in today’s world is about building relationships.

Connect with your client – like really connect with them. Build trust, listen to them, show you value their relationship. Understand their business, products and what they need. Ask questions to show you’re curious. Value their time. Share your knowledge on the industry and competing products. Admit when you’re wrong.

We live in a community of choice.

Products compete against each other and we {the buyer} have the power to choose which product we want.

BOOM. Scary world for sales dudes who don’t know how to sell.

The key question that a sales dude {or lady} needs to ask him/herself is: How do I add value?

Seriously. That’s the golden ticket!

If you add value and probably, make their life easier, you will do well. In today’s world, adding value isn’t a nice to have, it’s a requirement.

“Stop selling. Start helping.” – Zig Ziglar

Want to learn more? I loved this podcast from “Don’t Sell Me Bro:” Episode 9 – Just Say No to Sales.


  1. mikeandmoniqueporter March 20, 2013

    Avid follower of your posts, and as a business developer myself, you nailed this one. I always ask myself before every meeting, how can I add real value to this relationship? If you don’t do that, you end up being nothing more than a product pusher.

  2. Jeff March 22, 2013

    Especially true in B2B sales. We consider our job more about relationship management – if you do that right, the sales will follow. People buy from people, not companies!

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