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On Sunday, I described myself to a new Twitter follower. I told him that “I tweet about fashion, nail polish and being a ridiculously busy over-achiever.”

From another follower, I received this as a rebuttal:

“I’d say your tweet timeline is more like Bordeaux. It’s full-bodied. full of tanin, high in alcohol content, and almost too much at first…. but once your acquire the taste, and really start paying attention to every note of the flavour….you’re hooked!” – Anonymous

Are you laughing?  It’s kinda funny and a wickedly nice compliment.

What I got out of it was… I am all over the map… involved in a lot and frequently voice my opinion.  In between the TwitPic’s of a new nail polish and a spotted fashion faux pas, I might be a tad bit funny or intelligent. :)

Social media allows people to have formed opinions of you – not necessarily accurate, but formed.

I recently joined Empire Ave (don’t ask me why… I just did… for more info on the social networking tool, check out this blog).  Anyways, the site asks you to list your “interests” and “brands”.  This confused me. I took it as “what interests do you have” and “what brands do you identify with”… I do think the lines between the two might blur.

I described my interests and brands as the following:

Just short of a year ago, I re-branded myself as Jillian Walker.  For the last 25 years of my life, I have been Jill Walker.  I now hold myself to what “Jillian Walker” means in the online world.  It is evident that she is a full-time Human Resources employee and full-time University of Lethbridge student.  She is involved in social networking tools, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and blogging.  She has proved herself in her profession and the community – whether it be winning an award or being a committed board member.  She is busy, and sometimes more busy than she can handle.  She manages her personal brand…

So I wonder… do people fear that they’re online reputation turns into something they’re not?

Does my personal brand capture my love for a drama-free girls night out or a quaint low key date filled with laughter and conversation?  Does my brand include how much love and genuine support I have for others?  Does it show that the importance I place on being well-rounded? Does it divulge that I have spent many Saturday nights over the last 7 years studying or has it figured out that my Victoria’s Secret pink sweats are my absolute favourite?

… and does all of this matter?

Personally, from an employer-employee standpoint – I don’t want any surprises.  I want my values to be on the table and for the employer-employee relationship to be set up for success from the get go.  From a relationship standpoint – we all want mystery and value the surprises we learn from our significant other as time goes on.  From an online support system standpoint – one will always worry that someone might know too much…

How do you find the balance – and how do you create a definition of yourself catering to multiple facets of your brand?

The more I think about defining myself… the more I have realized that I have a professional definition of myself, but have yet to define my whole being. ❤

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