crunch time

Well… 12:21 am on Thursday night (Friday morning – depending on how you look at it) and still awake with hours of homework to tackle.  It’s that evil time of year when university group projects, final assignments, and exams all creep up on you and all of a sudden that feeling of being overwhelmed takes over.  I feel more pressure than usual because it’s my graduating semester. Yes, after seven – SEVEN – years of university… I’m done. T-15 days!

Everyday this week, I’ve thought about my blog. I’ve thought about all the things I really have been waiting to voice an opinion on and exciting (fabulous) things that I can share.  I’m solely writing to say… I’ll be back in a bit. I need to keep myself together over the next two weeks, managing both work and university in an effective and efficient manner… and I’m pretty sure that blogging doesn’t fit in the final exam week stretch plan.

When I’m back, stay tuned for… an update on the Beyond Pink conference and all that was learned… why I love Vancouver and the creative, love-filled Entrepreneurs I met along my journey… the benefits of Twitter chats [yes like #tchat ;)]… Calgary’s Campus Recruiting Forum… attaining my CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) designation… the long haul to graduation… tidbits on reflexology and a chlorophyll update… a solo Christmas… my 2011 present to myself… and some sort of summary of the year and plan for the next.

If you’re in university crunch time right now, my thoughts are with you.  Keep you head down – you’re almost there!! If you’re behind on holiday shopping, that’s quite unfortunate… I finished mine weeks ago. :D My tip to all of you… make a list and get everything done.  Spend some time this holiday season… just… enjoying.

With love. ❤


  1. Madi December 3, 2010

    <3 Congrats! Look forward to reading all the updates..

  2. Haley December 4, 2010

    Can that whole business about being alone for Christmas can be crossed off the list please :) I think I can assist with that one!

  3. Kristin December 13, 2010

    I hope you made it through your school work alright and are ready to enjoy a nice break!

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