Colour Me Rad

Another race, another weekend! Color Me Rad is a fun 5K that hit the city of Vancouver this morning. Haley had been organizing a team with JCI Vancouver — and it was set to be the most fun run of the year.

Before we got RAD.

Kittima and I headed out to UBC Thunderbird Stadium to meet the crew and we were swarmed with tons of people in white! The concept? Dress like an angel and get attacked with colour at every kilometre. By the end of the race, you’ll look like a pack of skittles and will have dominated 5k to start your weekend.

Sounds like fun eh?

I knew that this race wasn’t going to be a personal best. ;) The goal was full on colour! And to get that colour… you had to run slow through the colour areas, twirl, grab more cornstarch-filled powder out of the boxes — and laugh along the way!

We quickly lost track of our team and I ended up running with Kate and Meridith. Let me tell you — the time went by fast, because we had something to look forward to at each kilometre. Not only did they throw powdered colour on you, they also sprayed you down with liquid colour. I got a major spray of yellow in my face at 3k.

The more colour, the more fun right?

Anyways the race was a blast. It wasn’t a timed event — but of course I set my Nike+ GPS… gotta keep track of this progress! I forgot to turn it off as we crossed the finish line, but we finished somewhere right under 30 minutes. We were covered in colour and looked like smurfs. Once everyone had finished, the Color Me Rad crew got everyone together for a colour bomb. We threw colour up into the air and it created quite a show. To check out a picture of the colour bomb, click here.

Thanks to everyone who came out. I’ve had two showers and my feet are still blue. Hope you’ve had a bit better luck with colour removal! ;)

Me post-race. Photo Taken by the lovely Kate Wienburg.


  1. Farawayland September 14, 2012

    Hello there.
    I was one of the photographers of the race, I have few pics in my Facebook page, I’ll be happy to send them to anyone who appears in that pictures.


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