For the last seven days, I have not had a hair elastic, hair band, and only a few bobby pins.

As a dude, you won’t understand this post at all.  As a girl, you might relate. As a girl with thick, wavy hair – you will relate.

It’s been torture. Pure torture. This must be like what four year old girls feel like when their mom won’t do their hair.

My hair elastics are clear and went missing on Day 1.  My hair band – broke it on Day 1.  I had a few bobby pins at the bottom of my carry on bag.

I’m sure I could have googled on how to tie your hair back without having any of the usual supplies – but I guess I didn’t get that desperate.

Anyways, tomorrow I come back to the land of civilization.  I can’t wait to have access to regular things that I usually take for granted.

Who knew hair accessories would give me such pleasure? ;)

Calgary. T-15 hours.

PS – Getting bangs again tomorrow!


  1. sullyfubar September 9, 2010

    You should have cut off a length of hair and used that to tie-up your hair. See, this is why men rule the world. Hair supplies do not hinder us at all.

  2. jillianwalker September 10, 2010

    HAHA right on Sully.

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