Buying Our First Home

Our first home. ❤️ A 5 year old townhouse that needed a bit of a face lift. We decided to rip out the floors, scrape the popcorn ceilings, repaint the whole place (ceilings, walls, doors, etc), install new headers/casings & baseboards, new blinds, change the kitchen island & cabinets to white, install closet organizers, build a pa[...]

A Broken Jaw & Lessons Learned Along the Way

Just over 8 weeks ago we flew down to LA for a mini-vacay. ☀️ The plan was sunshine, sports and #SoulRecovery. Here's the thing though... life doesn't always go as planned. Less than 24 hrs after we arrived, @ehxor was in a cycling accident (broken jaw, broken teeth, a pile of face lacerations, tons of stitches, abrasions, etc!). The last[...]

Finding your Dream Apartment

At some point this fall we decided that we were ready to {and were excited to!} move in together. Yay! We both didn't want to move during the holiday season, so we decided on February 1st. What we didn't realize at the time, was that if we wanted to move in February, we likely had to find a place in December. If you didn't already know... December[...]

10 Days in London

When I came back from London, I threw up a quick post highlighting how the trip was everything I could have asked for and more. The last time I went to London it was 2005. I was 21 and headed on Contiki {If you've never heard of Contiki, please google it. If you're under 25, it's an absolute must do!}... high level: 5 weeks, 10 countries, 50 yout[...]

Kicking Off 2014

Last night I returned back to Vancouver after spending the last 10 days in London with my best friend, Melissa. We've both had a tough year and the one thing we both knew was that the best possible way to move forward into 2014... was with each other. The trip was everything I could of asked for -- and more. We celebrated our friendship {we[...]

A Grateful Heart

Last weekend I celebrated Christmas with the family {... early!} and today I'm en route to the UK. A little bit wild -- and proof that I'm oh so very blessed. I had been thinking about my flight to the UK over the past few weeks. As much as this vacation isn't supposed to be about crossing things off a list or doing work, I knew that I needed to spend[...]

The 3 R’s

Last week I went on one of those types of breaks where you need to find your sanity and start over again. Ever been on one? I go on them every now and again... This one was pretty major though, as I'd been putting it off for about oh, say, 8 months. You know what happens when you put off shit? It blows up in your face and you wish you had dealt with i[...]

Be Bloggin’

Last week I received this email: A Girl Named Jillian has been nominated for the  2013 Canadian Weblog Awards  in the Life and Sports, Fitness & Recreation categories. The 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards are a juried competition — no voting! — with nominations that are open in 34 categories between February 1st and October 31st, 201[...]