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i have always been an advocate of all cancer education and the need for everyone to be proactive when it comes to their health. over the past few years, i have focused my attention on breast cancer – why you ask? i kinda fell into it. i volunteered for the rethink breast cancer event in calgary and fell in love with the energy of each and every woman in the room.  amazing women – untouched by cancer, cancer patients, and cancer survivors – coming together to share laughter, and donate a whole lot of money to breast cancer prevention and education.  i also love the color pink – immensely. anyways, recently i stumbled upon @rethinktweet’s twitter account and learned about another educational tool they are using to promote the TOUCH. LOOK. CHECK. mentality to all canadian women.  the website Rethink’s Booby Wall is an interactive gallery of canadian breasts – everything from topless to body paint to everyday bras.  they are asking for all canadian women to commit to themselves that they will TOUCH. LOOK. CHECK. – and the contract lies in a picture of their breasts uploaded for the world to see. over 400,000 people have visited the site, with thousands upon thousands of breasts uploaded. i participated (and even posted this bra shot on twitter for all to see)… now will you? 


  1. Rethink Breast Cancer January 22, 2010

    Thank you so much for profiling Rethink Breast Cancer on your blog today and for giving such great shout outs to some of our programs. We are really growing in Calgary. Lots of new programs will be launching there later this year. Hope to see you at the Rethink Romp again. I always make the trip from T.O. – it's a great party and a great crowd. Thanks to all our great volunteers and supporters there!Best, MJFounder and EDRethink Breast Cancer

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