boy crazy

Everyone remembers those girls in elementary or high school that were “boy crazy.”  They would run around the playground (or lunch room) giggling away, kissing boys when they could, and doing anything for attention. I would call those types – boy crazy girls.

What I didn’t realize is that there are… gasp… boy crazy women on this planet.  These women always have a crush on someone and are always idolizing potential new men.  They talk about boys all the time – whether it be ‘I met this guy and he could be the one’ (when really they just met and he doesn’t even know her last name) or ‘OMG he called, my week has been made!’ (yes, cause that’s what’s important *rolls eyes*).  They will never be fulfilled until they find ‘the one.’

Of course, I know a few of these types, all between the ages of 22 and 30.  I’ve seen how they act around men and react to different situations and events – whether it be positive or negative.  Sometimes when I listen to the stories, I have a hard time not gasping, with my mouth wide open. “You did what?” :O  Personally, I can see why men are turned off. Boy crazy women are intense and overwhelming.  They smother men, they worry about every single communication, they overreact – ALL THE TIME.  They are desperate to hold onto the relationship and will do anything to push it forward.  There lives revolve around men – men are their universe.

Last week, I watched ’27 dresses’ with Katherine Heigel – seen it before, but felt like tuning into a chick flick.  Media – and especially romantic comedy’s – have set a ridiculous “standard” for women of our generation.  We must all be driven, successful, land the perfect job, the perfect man, go through bumps in life, but eventually end up at ‘happily ever after.’  As much as I love this movie – Katherine Heigel portrays a nutcase woman. Yes, she’s insane. I sat there bewildered thinking this is what young women look up to?  It’s no wonder they’re obsessed with men.

There is a difference between being boy crazy and being available or open to a new relationship.  Butterflies… we all know them… they’re wonderful.  It’s fantastic to feel excited about someone new.  Maybe he makes you smile or maybe he makes you nervous – that heart-flutter-warm-fuzzy part to a new relationship is what so many women long for.

At the end of the day, what’s most important is YOU – not your significant other. If you fly from relationship to relationship, do you ever have the time to truly appreciate and learn about YOU? It’s important to be single, critical to date, and necessary to have your heart broken.  Through that process – you will truly learn what’s important to you and what you value in a relationship.  When you do find the one, he should add some more ‘great’ to your life, he should NOT be your life.  I’ve always believed that if you are with the right person – you will shine together.  You will both be better off because you have each other.

But in order to achieve that sense of happiness, you need to work on you.  Continually be the best that you can be.  Would you want to be in a relationship with someone who is less than their best?  Well neither does he.  Don’t let your life revolve around getting into a new relationship or finding ‘the one.’  Life is about timing.  When you’re not looking, he’ll be there. ❤


  1. Bethany August 31, 2010

    So, so agree. I know a lot of women like this… makes me crazy the amount that people give up to get a “perfect” guy… who almost always ends up being a jerk. Learn from your friends, ladies – know & love yourself, and don’t give that up for anyone.

  2. […] 1) You settle because you are incapable of being single. You can’t function without a significant other.  You perform better in all aspects of your life when in a relationship.  [I'm having trouble even writing this down, as I feel this option is absolute garbage.]  You are dependent on another person, so much so, that when you are not in a relationship, your life falls apart.  More about why I think it’s important to enjoy being single can be found here. […]

  3. Robin August 27, 2011

    I’m so glad I found this. I have a friend that Dated a guy 2 more years after he raped her…. So desperate she will stay in horrible demeaning relationship until finds another “he might be the one”…. without any prior due diligence about the guy she ends up in another very intimate relationship with a guy she doesn’t know . Surprise that guy later also turns out to be a sex addict, cheaterl, or abusive nut case…. But she will continue dumping friends and family at last minute if there is a chance she gets to spend a on second with her new flavor of the day. Needless to say girlfriends are falling by th way side and moving on with Their lives and she will be a bitter old woman all alone.

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