My Quest for the Best Plant-Based Cheese

Just over 5 years ago, my relationship with food changed. I went on a vacation to Costa Rica and while I was there attended a raw cooking workshop (total life changer). Previous that that I had been a picky pescatarian for the majority of my life.  During the workshop and in the year that followed, I learned a ton about food, nutrition -- and really got comfortable experimenting. I tried new plant-based recipes, raw cooking, every different type of nut, and spent a lot of time with my food processor. I[...]


Making Your First Wreath

Last year I made a wreath for the first time -- and it was way less daunting than I expected. I was *super* intimidated by the challenge -- but still had this weird desire to do it. I posted on Facebook with a few questions, like... where do I buy wreath things? :) ... and before you knew it, I had all the info I needed. First timer tip: just pop into a florist or nursery and they'll be able to hook you up with what you need! :) I popped over to Dykhof Nursery (in North Vancouver) and picked up a wreath r[...]

Buying Our First Home

Our first home. ❤️ A 5 year old townhouse that needed a bit of a face lift. We decided to rip out the floors, scrape the popcorn ceilings, repaint the whole place (ceilings, walls, doors, etc), install new headers/casings & baseboards, new blinds, change the kitchen island & cabinets to white, install closet organizers, build a pantry, etc. 😬 •• We've learned a few things along the way... 1️⃣ Timing is everything. We had our eye on a few complexes in our communi[...]

A Broken Jaw & Lessons Learned Along the Way

Just over 8 weeks ago we flew down to LA for a mini-vacay. ☀️ The plan was sunshine, sports and #SoulRecovery. Here's the thing though... life doesn't always go as planned. Less than 24 hrs after we arrived, @ehxor was in a cycling accident (broken jaw, broken teeth, a pile of face lacerations, tons of stitches, abrasions, etc!). The last couple months have been HARD! Here's what we've learned: 1️⃣ Never travel w/o out of country medical insurance. (We were lucky to have it.) 2[...]

Tips & Tricks – Maui

Updated April 2016: We just got back from our 2nd trip to Maui and discovered some more gems!  Last year we went to Maui for the first time - and pretty much fell in love. It's totally paradise, folks. <insert 75 million heart emojis here>. Since then we've received a ton of questions from friends, family and random strangers about what we loved - and also, what we didn't! If you find yourself itching for a tropical vacation filled to the brim with sunshine and adventure, check out our re[...]

Eat Clean – Best Recipes of 2015

Back in 2013 I posted my favourite recipes from the year! That was a big year for me in the kitchen, as I was super curious and really just getting into my groove with (mostly) dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian cooking. Since then, I have fallen in love with a couple new blogs, Hot for Food and Minimalist Baker.  Of course I'l always be a loyal Oh She Glows fan too. :) #OhCanada This past year has been rather fast and furious. We got into a good meal planning routine -- and then would shift into[...]

Tips & Tricks – Get the Best Travel Deal

All the time I get asked: "How do you travel so much?" "How do you find such great deals?" The answer to both is: I care about travel, therefore I make it a priority. BOOM. I've been very lucky to travel to some amazing places over the past 10 years. My highlights have definitely included exploring the Sahara Desert in Tunisia via 4x4, running a half marathon in Sweden and surfing in Costa Rica. Wondering how I've been able to make it work? read more[...]

Finding your Dream Apartment

At some point this fall we decided that we were ready to {and were excited to!} move in together. Yay! We both didn't want to move during the holiday season, so we decided on February 1st. What we didn't realize at the time, was that if we wanted to move in February, we likely had to find a place in December. If you didn't already know... December is THE holiday season. ;) It's a tremendously hard time of year to accomplish pretty much anything. It's also a hard time of year to find an apartment and/or re[...]