Big Day for UrtheCast

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A few days a week I have the opportunity to work onsite with an incredible team.

That team is UrtheCast.

Yep, UrtheCast!

Remember that word now — because we’re working on a project that will truly change the world.

UrtheCast is creating the world’s first ever HD streaming video platform of planet Earth. 

Yep, Google Earth meets YouTube.

I’m helping build the team in Vancouver and San Francisco.

Yep, official Urtheling Recruitment!

We have operations around the world, but my focus is Vancouver and San Francisco. Everything from developers to operations to marketing and administration. We’re on the hunt for those that are technically skilled at what they do, coupled with personality and a desire to help grow {and add value to} our company. Career opportunities are posted at

We are currently a small but mighty force — but my gosh lots has happened in the last 8 months.

We signed an agreement with the Russian Federal Space Agency {Roscosmos}, acquired a company called GroundMap, entered into a formal working relationship with MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. {Canada’s premiere space company} and just recently partnered with Geodan’s DeforestACTION project to fight illegal logging of endangered rainforests in Indonesia. We’ve hired staff and  opened offices in Vancouver and San Francisco. We’ve had the opportunity to speak at conferences — and also debuted at SXSW!

Yep, I’m excited! I could go on and on…

Anyways, today our team had a great afternoon. We held our usual live chat on Ustream {it was Eric’s turn this week!}. By the way, members of our team are live every Tuesday at 4pm PST explaining more about what we’re up to. Sometimes we chat space development, other times platform development, marketing or operations. You can tune in at: {and all the past ones are recorded too!}.

Next our story went live on Mashable!

Yep, Mashable!!


Sam Laird, a reporter based out of Mashable San Francisco interviewed our President, Scott Larson, and wrote a piece on what we’re up to. Last Saturday we held an event in San Francisco and they covered that event too!

Video from last week’s event:

So what happens when you get covered by Mashable and you’re a pretty cool idea?

Social media chaos! Lots of action on Facebook and Twitter about what we’re doing. Lots of people talking. Lots of people excited.

Well you know what? We’re excited too.

The next thing you know we had so many Facebook likes and Twitter mentions, we couldn’t even keep up! A couple thousand posts have gone out on Facebook and Twitter alone!

A huge thank you to Mashable San Francisco for helping us share our story.

We have lots in the works, so stay tuned over the coming months. Cameras will be headed to the International Space Station towards the end of the year with platform roll out in early 2013.

Want to learn more about UrtheCast? Check out our website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter at @UrtheCast! If you have questions, we’re here to answer them! If you just want to jump with joy and share a high five or two, we’re cool with that too!

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