being alone

I had seen this video posted on a friend’s Facebook page the other day, but didn’t get an opportunity to watch it until now.  I posted it to Facebook and Twitter, but if you haven’t had an opportunity to check it out, do so now… :)

Tanya Davis (lovely lady who wrote this poem) states that “if you are happy in your head, then alone is ok.”  Being alone is not about being lonely or unhappy.  It’s about appreciating that you are capable of great things and don’t need the comfort of another being to enjoy life.

As social and as involved as I might be, I appreciate alone time. No I have never gone to dinner or the movies by myself… :) I truly have never felt the need. I enjoy staying home to read a book or work on some aspect of my life. I love to shop alone – shopping with other people drives me nutso!  Last year I learned that I like to travel alone, it is a completely different experience than travelling with others.  I had an opportunity to learn so much about myself.  I can stay in my house for a day or two, without leaving, keeping myself completely entertained.  Very rarely, I say… I am bored.  I actually can’t stand when people say they are “bored”, yes it happens sometimes, but for many people it happens all the time.  Being bored is a choice.  It is not up to others to keep you stimulated, being bored shows dependency.  If you’re bored, make the decision to do something about it.  Try something new, plan an adventure, or make a positive change in your life.  Being alone gives you complete authority in decision-making.

I will completely admit that there have been times over the last month where I have felt lonely, abandoned, or insecure.  Feeling lonely teaches you what you need and what you value.  Being alone has given me clarity.

It doesn’t matter if you have a brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or roommate – it is important to be able to be alone.  Enjoy. You.

“When everyone leaves you it’s loneliness you feel, when you leave everyone else it’s solitude.” – Alfred Polgar

Embrace your independence.  Appreciate solitude.

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