beauty of a night – and err morning

Nicole & I

Last night was Melrose’s Fire & Ice Party – in honour of Heritage Classic weekend and the looming Calgary Flames and Montreal Habs outdoor hockey game. Melrose decked out both sides of the venue (restaurant and bar sides) with DJ’s, living statues, fire dancers, and blue/red decor.

Anyways, like usual it was a fabulous time. The night was a bit of a reunion of sorts… the usual’s were there, as well as the girls, and some friends I haven’t seen in forever. With smiles ready and heels on, the girls & I mingled and met new friends.

My lessons learned on Saturday, February 19, 2011:

  • Beware of alumni hockey players. Resist all urges to fall into their charming – cough – creepy ways.
  • Don’t let any guy who is over 4’11” pick you up and hold you in the air above their head.
  • When entering a venue, pay close attention to the ceiling. Take into consideration ceiling beams, cement, or anything that looks like it could be a situation if you had a run in with it later.
  • Always ALWAYS partner up with a random in the bar to help them win a contest. With you on board, they will always win (for example, a Habs jersey) – and you will have made an instant friend!
  • Never ask a sober person of the opposite gender to be your Alcohol Consumption Advisor.
  • Raise your guard up when someone says they want to give you “three kisses and one hug” as a pick up line.
  • Don’t let anyone that you associate with, party with their jacket on. The excuse of “I’m from Australia and always cold in Canada” just doesn’t fly in your fashion forward scene.
  • Give yourself a high five when you have finished your “big night out” and 99.9% of your text messages are spelled correctly!
  • Take video whenever possible; capture all the hardcore dancers so you can learn some moves for next weekend.
  • When the lights come on, shade your face, squint, and beeline for the exit.
  • Hold onto your pizza tight when having a bite in the car on the ride home. If you’re not careful, that pizza will fly right into the face of the driver.

Alex & Alex

It was wonderful to have a fun night out. It felt like it was so long overdue, like potentially five years. Going out with friends without having to worry about university workload changes everything. The only problem with having absolutely no cares on a Saturday night was that I was flying out to Toronto this morning… and I needed to be up at 6am… and there is no way I was home before 3:30am. When I finally arrived home, my best guy friend came up for awhile. He drank wine, I drank gatorade and ate pancakes. I love pancakes. Seriously. LOVE PANCAKES. He left a little after 4am and then it was time to pack…

Sleep is for the weak. Scowl.

I slept for an hour, finished laundry, cleaned my room, tided up the house, and packed my bag.

The limo arrived at my house early and of course, my flight was delayed.

Why am I headed to Toronto?

Dove Canada invited 15 women from across Canada to make a promotional music video to the theme of “Singing in the Rain.”  The video will be used to promote a Dove product and show REAL women using the product.  All shapes, sizes, and skills will be featured, as Dove always uses their own demographic in their advertising.

So yep, I have no dancing or singing skills, but I’ve been invited and couldn’t be more excited. I arrived in Toronto today and I don’t need to be ‘on duty’ for the video until Tuesday. Let me just tell you – thank gosh for that.

Tomorrow I have the day to myself and I’m going to hang out with a girlfriend, hit up the usual Victoria’s Secret and Urban Outfitters, and then fingers crossed meet Yukari (fellow Dove invitee!) for a cocktail.  We are staying at the Hotel Le Germain, which is absolutely gorgeous. I just about died and went to heaven when I saw the rainfall shower and king sized bed. I have now been in this heaven of a bed for the last 5 hours.

On Tuesday, the girls and I’ll head to breakfast. Then Dove Canada will ship us over to the studio for a day of rehersals, hair styling, wardrobe, and filming. Dove had already asked for our sizes (everything from bicep to waist to shoe), so I’m excited to see what they have planned for wardrobe! There will be a media party, and then I’ll be off to the airport. It should be an awesome day to meet new people, learn more about Dove products, and support Dove in doing what they do best… campaigning for real beauty.

Dove Canada is new to Twitter, feel free to follow them here – or follow the #SingingInTheRain hashtag. I’m sure the girls will be updating throughout the day.

The Morning After

This morning I looked like this. No shower. Makeup and hair from the night before. Generally unpleasant with scowl on face. I kept my sunglasses on in the airport as the lights were hurting my brain. For the first time in forever, I travelled with my baby blankie. Yes, the blanket that I was born with, I still own and often sleep with. Today I needed it. So there I lay on the floor of the airport, while people stared. STARED.

REAL beauty defined? Frightening if I do say so myself.

I’m looking forward to getting dazzled on Tuesday. My thoughts are the people they are shipping in from the States to do hair and makeup sure have a lot of work to do ha ha.

It’s best I get my beauty sleep. ;)

Peace and love. xo


  1. Nathan Marcello Rotunda February 20, 2011

    Wait…so some little person can pick you up over their head? haha

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  3. Sonya February 21, 2011

    You amaze and entertain me! Can’t wait to see the Dove spot…rock on girl!

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