at last… the top employer experience

Things I learned yesterday…

  • Be proud of your brand (whether personal or professional)
  • If you get fired, pick yourself up & think of a badass company to create
  • When in Guatelmala, watch out for well-dressed biker gangs (… they will rob you)
  • Live today, not for the future
  • Embrace creativity & the bizarre
  • From time to time, step outside your box & enjoy someone else’s comfort zone
  • The most successful people understand that relationships are the bottom line of business
  • Making a difference & fun are #1

… and a hell of a lot more. Full story to come.

Amazing experience with Rogers Communications, Starbucks Americas, SteamWhistle Brewery, Gap Adventures, and KPMG Canada.

A huge thank you to Nadir Mohamed, Colin Moore, Greg Taylor, Bruce Poon Tip, and Bill Thomas, and their respective teams. Special shout out to Brandon Lewis from KPMG Canada and Kate Morawetz from MTV Canada for being patient with me. ;)

Stay tuned for coverage from the day (yes it was filmed) and a write-up on the whole “Top Employer” experience!

For history & how all this came to be, click here.

With love!! T-2 days till Belize!


  1. Haley January 19, 2011

    Sounds wonderful! Can not wait to hear more about the rest of the experience! Safe travels in Belize!!

  2. jenn January 20, 2011

    sounds like fun!!!

    i miss your star ratings on your blog!! lol

  3. Kirsti February 22, 2011

    Thanks again for visiting the Starbucks office Jill! We really enjoyed having you!
    Take Care and keep in touch

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