About Me

swedenHello, I’m Jillian!

I was born on Salt Spring Island (in beautiful British, Columbia), but spent 8 years of my life in Calgary, Alberta attending university and kicking off my career. I’m a west coast girl through and through, so I moved to Vancouver in 2011. In 2018, my husband and I made the leap to a rural community and we now live on Bowen Island. Every day I feel blessed to wake up to silence, surrounded by trees, and a hop, skip and jump from the beach. 

By day, I work with leaders to become better leaders and work with employees to become their best selves. Officially, I’m a HR lady, but truth be told though, I think that term is totally nauseating and I like to do things differently. I’m committed to challenging past history, rethinking my (often archaic) industry, all while pushing both people and organizations to grow. I love brainstorming, being creative and topics like technology, community engagement & culture absolutely light me up!

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with some pretty awesome organizations. From 2003 to 2006, I competed within Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (now SIFE) and in 2010, I led Team Canada to win Junior Chamber International‘s World Debating Championship in Japan! These days I spend time supporting Because I am a Girl, Pink Shirt Day and Free the Children. We Day is a total highlight of my year!

I love to travel, cook, garden, read and write.

I’ve been blogging since 2003 and back in the day, no one read my thoughts (and I liked it that way!). Over the last few years I’ve learned that my purpose on this planet is to educate. I love to teach, coach and give back to the community. This blog and Twitter have both been a place where I’ve been able to use my voice and that has been a critical part of my exploration in figuring out where I fit in this world.

Interested in getting in touch? My email is jillwalker@gmail.com or you can throw my name in Google and find me on pretty much any of the usual social networks.

PS: Love to cook? Me too! I’ve been collecting the best plant-based recipes from across the web over the past few years and they’re all stored in my recipe vortex! Take a peek and try something new!