a very nice material thing

I am going to be a crazy woman for the next 14 seconds…


Tiffany Novo Engagement Ring, obviously straight out of a little blue box.

Yes, I have been watching a substantial amount of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” tonight.

… I’m back now.  Yep, me. You know the one who doesn’t pull crazy girl stunts like the above.

A funny story… I’m actually pretty terrified to own any jewellery of value.  I have a few items from grad etc, but they are hidden away, in fear of losing them.  Back in the day my mom was working at a bank, and slammed her wedding ring in the vault door as she was closing it.  Diamonds everywhere… poor ring eh?  I can’t even imagine having a gorgeous piece of jewellery that cost a ridiculous amount of money, and then losing it or damaging it.  Some may say that’s what insurance is for… but the claim would seriously destroy me!

In other news, I am changing the channel now… ;)


  1. Haley September 4, 2010

    Just wondering, is this the same ring that Roberto gave Ali this season of the Bachelorette?

  2. jillianwalker September 4, 2010

    I have done some research – and no, it is not… but hell, hers was gorgeous too.


  3. Jane September 7, 2010

    I am totally the opposite! I would rather wear all my fantastic jewelry and get use out of it. If it breaks or is lost at least I wore it and I have pictures in it and I have memories and everything with all my fab diamonds and pearls.

    I just think it would be tragic to only wear something once in a blue moon and then lose it the one and only time you wore it out, or to not get to appreciate the fact that you were given/bought yourself/really truly deserve that fancy bling piece of amazing jewelry.

    EVERY girl deserves to feel pretty and I would want to have my amazing jewelry help me feel that way. Because I do feel so much more fancy with a string of pearls around my neck.

  4. jillianwalker September 10, 2010

    Ahhh yes. It doesn’t surprise me that we have different opinions on this topic. :) Pssst… I’m getting pearls for Christmas! EEK!

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