a fabulous week

this past week has been most memorable… i had been dreading this week for quite some time… as i was responsible for a major roll-out of some new programs at work, an office move, and it was the first week back to uni. well surprise surprise, everything went absolutely fine! better than fine in fact. :)

the transition back to uni was a difficult one.  i’ve only been out of classes for a few weeks, but still i dread going back every week i get. i started the week off with an academic advising appt.  since i am getting close to my graduation date, it is important for me to confirm i’m on the right track. anyways, the appt went hella bad, and i do feel like the uni did not set me up for success when it comes to my courses. anyways, i had a slight meltdown as everything wasn’t going exactly how i wanted it too… but then a gf of mine gave me a bit of a wakeup call. at this moment, what’s important?… the piece of paper. not the grades, not the program, not anything else.  so i’ve switched my major/minors, and i will graduate in 2010, hopefully as painlessly as possible.  my courses this week have gone surprisingly well.  in my leadership class, i was told that i am an ‘inspirational leader’ and a ‘woman of the future’.  wowie..! i blushed, not expecting that at all!  my prof also told me that i’m the most active user on www.linkedin.com he knows lol. cracked me up, as other than keeping my profile up to date, people on LinkedIn just flock to me!  i have been making a good effort to get recommendations over the past few weeks, solely because i have a lot of great people in my life right now!  this leadership class is going to teach me a lot… i’m positive of that!  i will be journalling weekly and applying leadership theory to my life, so that should be interesting and perhaps will inspire a few blog posts!  i’m also in women studies… did you know that a feminist is someone who believes in equal rights for men and women, and that we should all be feminists?… i did not know that!  i’m excited for this class, brittany is a great teacher – and we are going to read a book called ‘sisterhood interrupted’… i love love love to read, and i’m excited to have mandatory non-textbook reading!  anyways, the other two.. cross-cultural management and cognitive psychology are a bore, but c’est la vie!

on wednesday, i presented on jci world congress 2009 to my chapter. i had been promoting the event as much as possible through word-of-mouth, facebook, twitter, and various events listings in calgary. well, we had a full house! couldn’t even squeeze another person in! a huge thanks to pamela, brad, melissa, haley, lisa, jason and larissa. i appreciated the support, i can’t even put it into words how much it meant to me for you all to be there. other than the presentation was extremely rushed, it went fabulous! everyone was beyond impressed, and said i inspired and engaged them… much more than i could have asked for! we headed to a pub post-presentation, and as a direct result of ME,  we have had 7 new members join our chapter :) happy happy, joy joy! i’m going to be making a few changes/additions, and then the dvd will be sent to many chapters all over the world – i only hope the result is just as positive!

to end the week, two great opportunities landed in my lap.  an organization called www.hrcouncil.ca is looking for young emerging leaders under 30 to partake in a video series about their career pathing strategies, why they work in the non-profit & public sector, and what tips they have for others. i was asked to put my name in for it… completed the application, my director signed up and woohoo in the running.  if i am one of the chosen ones, i will be flying to ottawa for a few days in february to partake in some focus groups, the video series, and some annual winter events. the other opportunity is www.focus2040.com… the strategic capability network is looking for full-time business students to pretty much create a report (preliminary round is 750 words) on what the workforce will look like in year 2040. the best 25 will then move to the second round, which will describe the work environment in 2040 (1500 words), and then top 10 will move to third round which will discuss work systems in 2040 (20 minute presentation in ontario).  i’m currently working on the project, it’s due in another week, and it’s a toughie… really it is. creativity is going to be critical.  it would be great to even make it to top 25, but we’ll see!

i feel slightly overwhelmed with life right now as there is a ton going on… but sometimes things land in your lap for a reason.  all of this busy-ness is making me even more excited for hawaii on reading week and new york once the semester is competed. goals keep me going. achievements and travel keep me motivated. 

oh yes, on my friday off yesterday i made a dreamboard (courtesy of oprah). it’s now on my desktop and keeps me going in a positive direction towards my goals, and to 2010 being a grand success!

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