A Broken Jaw & Lessons Learned Along the Way

Just over 8 weeks ago we flew down to LA for a mini-vacay. The plan was sunshine, sports and soul recovery. ☀️

Here’s the thing though… life doesn’t always go as planned.

Less than 24 hrs after we arrived, Elliot was in a cycling accident in Malibu. He ended up with a broken jaw, broken teeth, a pile of face lacerations, tons of stitches, abrasions, etc!

The last couple months have been a whirlwind, and also, super freaking hard.

With that said, we’re now evolving out of “just get through the day mode.” #YAY

Elliot’s accident taught us (and reinforced) a ton. Here’s what we learned:

Screenshot 2016-04-12 16.43.46

  1. Never travel without out of country medical insurance. (We were lucky to have it.)
  2. Out of country medical insurance claims are a pain in the ass. 😑 Know your policy inside & out — and add the 1-800- # (& plan details) to your phone.
  3. Strangers can make your day. (Thank you to the gal who picked Elliot off the street & drove him to the hospital.)
  4. Beverly Hills really does have the best plastic surgeons. 💁🏻 (Thank you, Dr. Barrett.)
  5. It never hurts to ask. There are a lot of kind people in the world. (Thank you, WestJet.) ❤️
  6. Changes to life don’t happen in isolation. When something major happens, everything else will be affected.
  7. A great blender is needed for a liquid diet. A Blendtec or Vitamix would be our vote!
  8. It’s okay to drop everything in your world in an effort to take care of yourself.
  9. Going through tough life shit reminds you of the importance of slowing down and taking a deep breath.
  10. Watch out for coyotes. (They’re assholes.)

To read Elliot’s blog on the crash, click here.

Photo taken at: Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica

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