365 days

I have a girlfriend, Claire, who has been capturing her life in pictures, specifically 365 pictures for every day of the year beginning on July 1, 2010.  Her project has captured my heart.  Every few days I see her updates in my Facebook feed – brilliant photos (she’s a mighty talent) with captions that describe what was going through her head when she took the photo.

Every time she updates her album, I think about how I long for something similar.  As much as I love pictures, it’s not quite right.  I don’t want to feel pained by a task for 365 days, I want to enjoy it – immensely.

I’m well aware that I like to write.  I enjoy getting my thoughts down on paper/online/etc with the goal to declutter my mind.  I like to process information and think about things thoroughly.  I put thought into my words.  I long for impact, understanding, and positive change.

At the end of the day, I can’t always express everything I want on my blog.  Why?  Because this is the internet.  To some degree, this is a public record.  I also don’t want to offend anyone, yes, on occasion my thoughts are inappropriate, or at the very least internet-inappropriate. :)  It also takes me quite some time to blog.  I strive for my message to come across accurately.  I truly think about every word I type and that in itself can be time consuming.

So how will I fill this gap?

Today I decided I will journal… for 365 days.

There will be no maximum or minimum on words.  No rules on grammar or spelling.  The only rule is consistency.  Daily writing will ensure I reflect – past, present or future – it truly doesn’t matter.  This is about making time for myself, my thoughts, and my story.

I know that I will learn a lot about myself through this process – and inevitably you all will too.  Why? I know it will be difficult to separate my journal from my blog and vice-versa.  There will come times where the two will intertwine, whether it be an update on this goal or a blog topic that has come to be from my journal.  Expect some updates of which I will categorize under “365”.

So what’s stopping me from starting right now? Motivation.  Routine.  Energy.  I work best with structure and habits.

Day 1 commences tomorrow.  August 5, 2010.  The start of something new.

I will end with this… (stolen from my friend, Pete)  “when was the last time you did something for the first time…”

With love. ❤

PS – I’m not really great with failure. Sigh. [Working on it].  I’ve already decided I will forgive myself if I write an entry late – it’s likely inevitable.  My promise to myself is that on August 4, 2011, I will have 365 days of progress.


  1. JLeeD August 4, 2010

    woohoo exciting for you!!!! good luck on the journaling!

    Did you mean you still start on Aug 5th or July 5th?!

  2. jillianwalker August 4, 2010

    Yes.. definitely meant August…. (it’s been corrected!). See this is why I need to journal. So I can keep track of the days. ;)

  3. Madi August 4, 2010

    Good idea.

    Years ago I started an “angry book”. Sometimes I feel crushed and upset in ways that are not “my character” but I need to let them out and not feel that their inherently negative nature touches other people.

    So I write ( sometimes scribbled, sometimes riddled with violent curses ) in my angry book in the most gut-wrenching honest ways I can possible think of.

    It helps.

    And having a clear definition of what is “angry-book-temporary-madness-venting” and what is “real-hurt-that-needs-to-be-healed” has been very beneficial.

  4. clairemasikewich August 4, 2010

    Love this idea Jill. There are endless options for anyone wanting to start their own 365 and even though photography isn’t your route of choice, I’m thrilled you found your own, unique 365! I look forward to reading it- and don’t beat yourself up for being late- that will take the fun out of it!

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