2012 Blogging

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Fun facts: 

In 2012, I wrote 90 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 248 posts.

The busiest day of the year was October 4th with 655 views. That’s the day I went rampage on Kitchen Aid. The post: Kitchen Aid Social Media Debacle. Note: The lady still hasn’t been fired yet. 

My readers have come from 116 countries. Most visitors came from Canada, then the United States, then the UK.

My most active commenter was a psycho stalker who I ended up reporting as spam. ;) Much love to Tod, Nikki and Kymme who also gave me a whole lotta love in 2012.

This beast of a little girl blog had it’s most traffic to date — and I wrote less posts than I have in the past few years. Woop!

On to the next one! Happy 2013 everyone. xx


  1. Jo January 5, 2013

    Glad you got rid of the stalker –

    Love your posts! So much positivity!

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