20 Days In

Today is day 20 of YYOGA’s 30 day yoga challenge. Aye.

I counted my stars on the wall at YYOGA Yaletown tonight — and I *think* I have done 12 classes this month. I started off with a great first week {that’s always the way it goes}… and went to at least a class a day. The first day I did 3 classes in one day! Since then we’ve derailed a bit. I let the half marathon and life get in the way.

The biggest tip I can offer for a 30 day challenge is — make it a priority. Book time in your calendar if you need to. Focus on — and look forward to getting to your mat. Drop your 5 events a week. Drop your 3-4 runs a week. And for 30 days, give your studio {and body} your life.

Tonight I got back on track with a late Power Yoga class. I looked forward to it all day {that rarely happens}. And what do you know — I feel pretty amazing right now. Sweat my heart out. Breathed like a baby. Pushed my limits — I can do some sort of shoulder stand / prayer combo / thing now!

Some huge positives since starting this challenge:

  • Finally met Alex Mazerolle and attended her Yoga Barre class {think yoga meets pilates meets 80s fitness} at Chopra Yoga
  • Found a yoga routine with Katie S. on Monday/Wednesday nights
  • Explored different types of yoga I wouldn’t normally do — still need to make it to Yin though!
  • Met some incredible teachers, including Clara Roberts-Oss, Troy Turi and Katherine Moore
  • Learned to really appreciate my strength

If I come out of this challenge having completed more classes than I would normally complete — then awesome. If I’m stronger and more flexible — even more awesome. I won’t get to it this month… but I need to work towards just being me in class. I am very focused in class — just not on the right thing. I try and get the posture just right. When I can’t get the posture right, I get frustrated. I try and see how straight I can get my crooked body to go, comparing myself to the yoga gods in the class. Damn those yoga gods. I focus on everything except myself and my breath.

I need to just — be. 

Troy continually reinforces yoga isn’t about getting the posture just right. Yoga is about checking your personality at the door, finding your breath and being you.

That’s the goal.

I imagine it’ll take me long past the end of the month to get there. :) As long as you’re making progress, it’s all good right?

10 days to go.

PS – Seeing as how it’s #MusicMonday in the Twittersphere, a beauty of a song by Ben Howard. He’s also headed to Vancouver to play at the Commodore on October 3rd.


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